INDIRA RASOI YOJNA: ‘Rajasthan’s Government’s scheme to ensure No one sleeps Hungry’.

The Indira Rasoi scheme provides subsidized food to anyone who wants it at Rs. 8 per meal in the Rajasthan state. This scheme is a flagship social welfare scheme launched by Sri Ashok Gehlot, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan from 20 August 2020 with the pledge of “NO ONE SLEEPS HUNGRY” through 358 kitchens in all 213 urban bodies of the state. In the budget announcement 2022-23, the number of kitchens has been increased from 358 to 1000 on which Rs. 250 crores were spent and the needy were benefitted by serving 9.25 crore food plates that year. This scheme has been named after the country’s great leader and former Prime Minister Lt. Smt. Indira Gandhi, whose entire life was dedicated to the poor and deprived. In view of the popularity of the scheme, in the budget 2023-24, it was announced to expand Indira Rasoi to rural towns also and increase their number to two thousand.

Objective of the Scheme: The primary objective of the Indira Rasoi Yojna is to ensure food security for the poor and needy people in Rajasthan. The scheme also aims to improve the nutritional status of the population and reduce hunger and malnutrition.


  1. Pure, fresh and nutritious food for 8 rupees to the beneficiary.
  2. Arrangement of food by sitting at one place respectfully.
  3. 17 rupees per plate grant has been provided by the state government. (Now done Rs.22/-).
  4. Provision of Rs 100 crore per annum for the scheme.
  5. Target to benefit 1.34 lakh persons per day and 4.87 crore people per year. It can be increased further as per the requirement.
  6.  Operation of kitchens with the service and cooperation of local organizations.
  7. The food menu mainly includes 100 grams of pulses, 100 grams of vegetables, 250 grams of chapati and a pickle per plate. (Now done 600 gm per plate).
  8.  Decentralized nature – freedom to the district level committee to choose the venue, menu and meal timings as per the requirement.
  9. Intimation and Feedback facility to the beneficiary through Real-time Online Monitoring SMS Gateway.
  10. One-time provision of Rs. 5 lakhs as basic and Rs. 3 lakhs for recurring expenditure per annum for each kitchen operation.
  11. Inspection and quality check by state/district level committee.
  12. Necessary provisions on kitchens for the prevention of the Corona epidemic.
  13. Normally lunch will be provided from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and dinner will be provided from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  14. Food will be distributed through the extension counter as per requirement.

The popular flagship scheme of the previous Congress government of Rajasthan, Indira Rasoi will now be known as Sri Annapurna Rasoi. This was announced by CM Bhajan Lal Sharma in the presence of PM Narendra Modi at the BJP state office in January 2024. The government grant payable per plate has also been increased to Rs. 22/- from Rs. 17/-. However there has been no change in the amount contributed by the beneficiary, i.e., of Rs. 8/- per plate. The per plate weight of the subsidized meal has been also increased to 600 grams. 

At present Jai Bheem Vikas Shikshan Sansthan is operating two Annapurna Rasois in Jodhpur city and providing nutritious good quality fresh and healthy food to the needy people. One kitchen is in Jodhpur North (Rasoi ID 48) and other one in Jodhpur South (Rasoi ID 7). Organization is running both the kitchens successfully from last four years.

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