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Our Ongoing Programs

Our NGO is currently spearheading an ongoing program focused on empowering marginalized communities through sustainable  practices. The initiative aims to combat food insecurity, promote environmental sustainability, and enhance economic opportunities for vulnerable populations. Through a series of workshops, training sessions and capacity-building activities and we remain dedicated to expand our impact in the years to come.

Ongoing Projects

India For Collective Action (ICA)

  • Human trafficking is a significant issue in India, characterized by the illegal trade and exploitation of men, women and children for purposes such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, and organ trade. Victims of human trafficking are often vulnerable individuals and children from marginalized communities, are lured or coerced with false promises, deceived and subjected to physical and psychological abuse.
  • JBVSS has been working on human trafficking and child trafficking issues since 2015 with financial aid from several donor organizations. To date, JBVSS has rescued and rehabilitated over 5,000 survivors of human trafficking and child trafficking from 18 districts of Rajasthan. One of the key learnings from the projects is that the complex nature of human trafficking, intertwining social, political and economic
    spheres, continues to pose challenges that require additional resources to effectively eradicate it.

INDIRA RASOI (Sri Annapurna Rasoi Yojna)

  • The Indira Rasoi scheme provides subsidized food to anyone who wants it at Rs. 8 per meal in the Rajasthan state. This scheme is a flagship social welfare scheme launched by Sri Ashok Gehlot, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan from 20 August 2020 with the pledge of “NO ONE SLEEPS HUNGRY” through 358 kitchens in all 213 urban bodies of the state. In the budget announcement 2022-23, the number of kitchens has been increased from 358 to 1000 on which Rs. 250 crores were spent and the needy were benefitted by serving 9.25 crore food plates that year.
  • This scheme has been named after the country’s great leader and former Prime Minister Lt. Smt. Indira Gandhi, whose entire life was dedicated to the poor and deprived. In view of the popularity of the scheme, in the budget 2023-24, it was announced to expand Indira Rasoi to rural towns also and increase their number to two thousand.
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